Exercise Rehabilitation

Our Scope Physiotherapists’ provide general, sports and injury-specific exercise rehabilitation programs. Exercise rehabilitation helps to improve posture, mobility and flexibility, improves core strength and stability, improves athletic performance and prevents injury.

Exercise rehabilitation assists in the treatment of ongoing back and neck pain, pre and post natal recovery, pelvic floor rehabilitation, pre and post operative recovery, arthritic and joint pain

It has also been proven that exercise under supervision is more likely to result in ongoing compliance and lifestyle changes around health and fitness

We utilise a number of exercise techniques which are proven to be effective in the treatment of neck and back pain, headaches and upper and lower limb musculoskeletal pathologies including but not limited to Core stability exercise programs, Strength and Conditioning programs, McKenzie’s programs and Gym Rehabilitation programs

If you think you may benefit from exercise prescription with our Physiotherapist’s, please contact your local Scope Physio Location.