Our Physio Team Members

Wai Theng Chia – Physiotherapist

Wai Theng ChiaWai is a dedicated physiotherapist with expertise in sports rehabilitation and a passion for treating diverse musculoskeletal conditions. She graduated from Curtin University and has acquired a wealth of experience from various clinics and hospitals. Additionally, she has worked as an experienced sports trainer with multiple AFL and National Premier League soccer teams over the past few years. Currently, Wai is the head physiotherapist for Armadale Soccer Club, where she tailors treatments to individual needs. Through close collaboration with Sports Medicine Australia, she has gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by athletes.

Empathetic towards the impact of pain and injuries, Wai provides comprehensive care and support throughout the recovery process. She utilizes manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and cutting-edge modalities to optimize recovery and enhance performance. Wai’s holistic approach addresses the root causes of conditions, enabling patients to regain strength, mobility, and confidence. Passionate, knowledgeable, and driven, Wai delivers exceptional physiotherapy care at our Hamilton Hill clinic while also pursuing her own fitness interests.

Wai currently consults from our Hamilton Hill clinic.